Designing Women

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I want to warn you off of a very, very awful film, 'Designing Women'.  The title is a play on words; the contrast between a man-trapping woman and Bacall's occupation in the film.  On the surface you'd think it'd be funny and good; Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall in a Vincente Minnelli-directed film.  But you must avoid this at all costs!  It is smug, self-assured (with no good cause), and very unfunny.  It is everything wrong with 1950's filmmaking.  But it was a big hit.  However it stinks.  Vincente Minnelli just a year or so before did the great Van Gogh biography, but he's really 'off his feed' here, and he insists on dragging Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck down with him.  If you see this, you will think less of everybody involved.  I'm not joking.  To rent this film for 1¢ would be a waste of money!  Consider yourself warned.  It truly sucks.

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